24-hours planned nursing support


Services will be provided to members referred by DDD requiring continuous nursing support and/or nursing oversight, each will have a 24-hour planned and defined schedule of nursing supports. The level of nursing support will be determined by the Division’s Health Care Services. All nursing support will be prescribed by a licensed physician and professional nursing tasks will be provided according to the Arizona Nurse Practice Act. Direct service staff not possessing nursing credentials will be carrying out habilitative outcomes that do not require nursing. Before moving in staff will be oriented to the member. Once in the home services will be provided as outlined in the ISP and DDD Nursing assessment. Teaching plans will be submitted within 20 business days for new and/or continuing Habilitative outcomes, this includes continuing members as well. We will submit monthly progress reports to DDD and Member/Member’s representative that include progress towards outcomes, behavioral data, healthcare appointments/results, and team agreements. Along with the members we will develop and post a monthly schedule of on-site and community activities. We will also maintain a record of the following: member daily attendance at the setting, an ongoing (continually updated) list of member belongings, and staff timesheets. Our services will promote member well-being, independence, socialization skills, community participation, choice, and vision. We will conduct services in environments that are safe, healthy, and supportive. These services may include but are not limited to medication administration, physical therapy, sensory development, habilitation therapies, and behavioral supports. We assume the responsibility of transporting members to all appointments and activities. All staff will meet required standards, have the current certifications/license and have the completed required trainings. All LPN staff will be supervised (per licensing regulations) by a Registered Nurse.

Safe and healthy living environment


Once a member or the responsible person has chosen AMD as their preferred service provider we will explain to them our responsibilities for room & board services, that we follow lodging and ADA standards and that they will be afforded the following: A safe and healthy living environment that meets their physical and emotional needs 24 hours a day. AMD homes will provide a personal bedroom, bed, bedding, bathing necessities, hygiene products, private area to perform hygiene tasks, space for storage/safekeeping of personal items, house hold supplies, television, all appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, etc.), safe/comfortable accommodations for activities of daily living, and the ability for the member to have privacy. Members can bring a personal item such as a bed, dresser, television, etc. if they would like. During the move in process staff will complete an inventory list of personal items and start a financial ledger (when necessary). We will offer and encourage the member and their responsible person to provide and personal décor to make the environment as “home like” as possible. To the best of our capability we will try to meet any recommendation concerning décor in the home. AMD will prepare and serve three healthy meals daily and snacks as needed. We will work with the member to incorporate their food preferences and any dietary recommendation from medical professionals. Additionally, menus will be posted for members to see so members are aware of what will be served. AMD will maintain documentation to show the member and/or responsible person was notified of our responsibilities as a residential provider.

Taking care of people


Our group home will be specifically designed and equipped with the needed accommodation facilities and gadgets to give comfort and security to all our residence irrespective of the religious affiliations, their race, and health condition. We are set to take care of people with one or more forms of disabilities, health issues or whether old or young. AMD will provide services in a single-story home with 4 to 5 bedrooms. We will make sure the home is in the preferred geographical area of the members and has access to stores, entertainment, community parks and resources.

Professional medical services











Our mission is to become the standard among group home providers by providing services that promote independence, dignity, continuous growth.

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